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part of issue is some people want more info and others want less and it's what should be the default or what should be configurable and all of that fun.

like there is merit in adding more information to some of the options displayed like the playlist items so you have multi-line views and even artwork displayed with it. but then there's going to be people who don't like it and even if it's configurable would complain and go back to an older version.

as for the ml thing, it was more really for what can be done which would work irrespective of the skin (though for some skins it would make things even busier subject to what the user decides) whilst providing a means to alter the ui without too much of a radical code change under the hood.

since i quite like the embedded artwork part in the ui but being limited to width of the ml tree is a hinderence at times. where as having it maybe a full-width part below or above the selected library view would give more space for information in a child-panel without having to have a separate window area (as i otherwise do.

but it's just another one of those thoughts and i doubt it'll happen and it'll just all look the same as it currently does (be that good or bad depending on how you look at things).
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