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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
Both if possible please
The files names ending in A & F were embedded with MediaMonkey. B & E with your version 1.0. C & D with your version The remaining mp3 does not have an embedded image.

Originally Posted by thinktink
Version 1.0 didn't use an ini.
That explains why I did not see it until after I had installed v. and then switched back. I had already installed v.1.0 before you updated it, but had not had a chance to try it until today.

[QUOTE=thinktink]What is showing the art? Is it the gen_classicart window or something else? Bento Skin? Winamp Modern?[\QUOTE]

I'm using a cPro skin, as listed in my signature below. I was using its "Now Playing" panel. I can switch to 1 of the Nullsoft skins, but I don't think it will make a difference. If it does, then I quess I won't be able to use your plug-in. Too bad for me, in that case.


The attachment did not work. Maybe it's too big. I'll put it on a file sharing site and post the link. That will take a few minutes.

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