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Ok, try this link. It should be good for the next 7 days.

I don't get MediaFire. The copyrighted and original flags in the files are not set. Are they objecting because of the artist name, alone? I've shared mp3s thru them in the past.

The 7 mp3 and 2 jpg files don't compress very much. The zip is almost 78MB, so it is too large for 1 email attachment for my web service provider to handle. I would have had to split it up. Sorry for the delays, my DSL uplink is so slow and I had to upload to Wikisend twice. The first time did not work, got to the end of the upload and the site stopped responding.

As to the crash, maybe it's a Windows 7 64-bit running a 32-bit program thing. What's weird to me is the crash did not happen during the embed, but well after when the plug-in was not doing anything. After all, it is not used or needed to display the image.

I will put v.1.0 back in the System folder and see what happens with the Nullsoft default skins.

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