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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
I just discovered something, maybe it's in the Beta v2 version but if you open a file with an embedded image in the Unified File Editor Pane and try to "Paste" in a new image it crashes Winamp on any skin. This was without my plugin installed. Winamp just goes "bye bye" without any warning.

Yup, it's in the new Beta v2. I still had a 5.623 install to test also and it didn't crash. But the new Beta v2 even in safe mode crashes.
I don't understand the above. What is the Unified File Editor Pane? Are you saying trying to paste in a new image without removing the current embedded image causes an immediate crash?

Nevermind the above questions. Just read what you wrote in the other thread and DrO's response.

Anyway, with the issue I'm having it seems to be related somehow to cPro skins. When using Big Bento everything is stable. Switching back to a cPro skin, clicking thru a few images, then letting Winamp just sit displaying an image and it will eventually crash blaming your plug-in. This is unfortunate for me, since I have become a fan of cPro skins.

Also thanks for the registry adjustment file for reading w5s file version info. I discovered (looking for something else) that I have an app that is able to read file id information from the w5s files. I have 20 w5s files (including other 3rd party w5s files) and it's funny that only 3 of the 20 have any id information in them; yours, one of DrO's, and one of those included in the official full installation package.

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