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sorry to take this OT, but I do think plugins matter. I don't use a lot of them, but the option alone is important. if you had a "plugin store" to customize your winamp from within winamp, I think you might see more people use them, and maybe pay for them, like you do the android app.

there's a catch22 going on here. on the one hand, the devs say no one cares about plugins, they don't matter. but in the same breath they say that their hands are tied to making any changes due to legacy issues and need to support legacy stuff, etc...

I've seen other much smaller projects have even today much more 3rd party plugin development. having a repository and being able to activate/deactivate from within the app seems to bring them out, as does being open source, and probably other factors.

if winamp were more closed, you wouldn't have the ability to have your droid control winamp, or play certain filetypes. you wouldn't have 3rd party airplay or any number of other things. i might not use many of them, but i know i can, and if the one or two i cared about was cut, i'd have to find something else. i might not use most of the stuff i have on my swiss army knife, but there's a reason i have it as opposed to another knife.

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