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Docked Toolbar Mode

The docked toolbar (introduced with ver. 5.03) is a feature of Modern skins. The Winamp Modern default & Bento skin and some of the newer skins will support docked toolbar . Other/older mod skins would have to updated by the respective authors to make use of the docked toolbar feature. Some other or earlier skins may have their own (independent) "docked toolbar" style feature built in to the skin, in which case the default docked toolbar options will not apply.

Enabling Docked Toolbar

-- Winamp Modern Skin

The main/player window in the Modern Default should be in WindowShade (AKA toolbar, winshade) mode to enable docked toolbar. You can enable WindowShade mode by pressing the Ctrl+W key combo or by pressing the middle icon at the right hand side of the title bar. The playlist can be docked in "full" or WindowShade mode.

To enable docked toolbar ...
  • Main/Player Window
    WindowShade (toolbar) mode > Ctrl+'Right Click' on a "empty" space > Docked Toolbar > select screen position
  • Playlist
    WindowShade (toolbar) or "normal/full" mode > Ctrl+'Right Click' on a "empty" space (not on the text or list area) > Docked Toolbar > select screen position
-- (Big) Bento Skin

The Bento skins may be in normal or WindowShode mode. Simply Ctrl+'Right Click' on a "empty" space in the player or multi-content panels > Docked Toolbar > select screen position

-- Other Skins

Ctrl+'Right Click' on a "empty" space generally in the main or playlist window (or panel if it is a SUI skin). It will vary with other modern skins that have the default docked toolbar. Some skins may only be dockable in "vertical" or "horizontal" winshade mode and some may be both. As mentioned above, some other or earlier skins may have their own (independent) "docked toolbar" feature built in to the skin, in which case Winamp's default docked toolbar options will grayed out and will not apply.

Note: Ctrl+'Right Click' on a "empty" space is a shortcut to the Window Settings menu. You can also get the Window Settings from Winamp's main menu.. Additionally, if Docked Toolbar in enabled in options (either main/player or playlist window) you can toggle between docked toolbar and normal view with the Ctrl+W (WindowShade) shortcut key. That will vary with modern skin as well as the window in focus.

Options Tips
  • 'Auto-Hide' + 'Always On Top'
    With this setting the toolbar/window will automatically fold when brought out of focus and cursor is in another application or window. When cursor is dragged to the edge of the screen of the docked position the toolbar/window will unfold.
  • just 'Always On Top'
    Allows docked toolbar/windows to be always on top. Also when enabling docked mode other applications will automatically be resized to avoid overlapping. The docked AOT is independent of Winamp's default (normal view) AOT.
Some applications with their own AOT might override docked AOT views.

Additional Info
Winamp Blog > Tutorials: How to Dock Your Winamp Media Player

Other/Third-Party skins compatible with Docked Toolbar .Skins listed in bold are right/left dockable for the main/player windowThere may be more mod skins with the Docked Toolbar feature or have their own "docked" feature. Try the following modern skin searches with docked, dockable, dock, docking, toolbar or bar as keyword(s). As mentioned above, the default Docked Toolbar options will not apply to skins with their own/independent "docked toolbar" feature.

Docked Toolbar for Classic Skins

There is no native docked toolbar function for classic skins. For a docked toolbar style function with classic skins, try the Xdock plug-in. Xdock is buggy with WA5, but may still work. If you are unsatisfied with Xdock, try DrO's Classic Skin Appbar plug-in (taken from the buggy link).

Dock inside of taskbar like WMP or iTunes | Mini or Desk-band Mode

Not a native function of Winamp. Click Here for suggested workaround, alternative plug-ins and more info.

Docking Winamp Windows Together

Not specifically related to the docked toolbar feature, however you can dock or "snap" Winamp windows together. Does not pertain to the docked toolbar mode.

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