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Visualization Window Can't be Closed

I clicked on the "Open Visualization" tab, and the window opened "black." It pushed the other windows down screen as it was supposed to. There was no 'visualization' in the window, and there's no way to close the window.
"Detach Visualizer" doesn't detach. It looks like a little tab or window (it's about 1/4" x 1/2") was pasted over the "close visualizer" button in the upper right-hand corner of the visualizer window; I can't click on it to close.
CTL-K doesn't open the visualization preferences. CTL-SHFT-K doesn't end the visualization.
I was running Winamp 5.57 and thought a good upgrade/reinstall might help. I upgraded to 5.61, same problem.
I'm running "Winamp Modern" skin.
OS is Windows/Server 2003/SP2.
Anyone have any clues?
--Paul E Musselman
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