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Originally Posted by bjornor View Post
Should'nt this option be on as a default. It seams a bit not userfriendly because its difficult to find out this thing...
it went where it could be put in the preferences without having to do a complete re-organisation of them (which is absolutely needed but not practical with dev time needed and without messing up all of the language packs). it's been discussed to death why it's not been enabled by default and why it will not be and is why there is a relatively simple option to find to enable it (though for those wanting it. it's not as obvious but this is what happens with the legacy aspects that Winamp has had to try to maintain). now you know where the option is so you can enable it for your install as it's not going to be changed to default on even with the coming re-build of the 5.666 release as it doesn't deserve to be enabled by default (as per all of the other threads about this).
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