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I agree that there are TONS and TONS of worthless plugins released (most of which haven't had an update in years or are older versions than the one found on the author's website). However, here are some of the useful ones that I use. All work with the latest version of Winamp.

Jasper's File Writer:
This is quite old but still fully functional and there has not been any new plugin that matches it yet. It let's you output to various formats including mp3, flac, ogg, etc. You do require the respective dll's for mp3 and ogg but in the former case, Winamp is already bundled with the LAME encoder. I use this to convert from other formats including CD Audio (good alternative with the native CD ripper does not work).

FFSOX Player 2:
This beast of a plugin essentially replaces several included plugins such as Directshow (in_dshow), in_mp4, in_flv, etc. It works way better in my opinion as I found the bundled Winamp plugins had issues such as playing audio but no video depending on the codec. Just be sure to install the FFSOX library (instructions on the site itself), delete the redundant plugins, and set up the file extensions you want to use with FFSOX PLayer. My settings are:

Stereo Tool:
My all-time favourite DSP plugin. It allows for incredible audio quality given the correct preset. You really need to experiment with different ones to find settings that suit your tastes. There is also a forum where people have shared their own presets. This plugin is technically shareware but there are only restrictions placed on certain functions such as the de-clipper, Natural Dynamics, and FM Transmitter. Everything else is free to use.

Not sure if you like listening to NES, SNES, N64, etc music but if you do, that bundle is for you. It has all the latest chiptune plugins nicely packaged together.

SynthFont Midi Plugin:
(scroll down to in_aSyFon).
Not sure if you listen to midis still but this lets you feed a soundfont into midi playback rather than relying on the awful built-in software synthesizer that comes with Windows. Personally, I like using it with the free General Midi library SGM-V2.01
NOTE: Delete in_midi.dll from the plugins directory if you're going to use this as you will no longer need it.

Album List for Winamp:
Great if you organize your music library into separate folders and want to quickly and easily en-queue them into winamp's playlist. I remember this functionality being native to the old and longtime defunct Winamp3 but never re-implemented thereafter. This plugin adds it in nicely.

Outside of that, Dr0's plugins are great too as musicf8 said. Check there as well. Hope that helps!
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