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I could post a list, but then my posting would become too long. It is better to grab one of my latest .txt-files from here (ooops, I should edit my blog again):

Time Restore & Autoplay is very good. I didn't use the Skin Manager yet, but I had installed all these plugins from the former Winamp Essentials Pack (that pack, which is compatible with my Winamp). I have also MiniLyrics, Plane9, Morphyre, the visualizer from Soundspectrum, and some more. I am still hestitating to install the plugin ClassicPro, because maybe it could crash Winamp, although I have found a beautiful cPro2-Skin as memorial to a dead music-platform (is it really dead?).

I will wait a year, until I know exactly, what has happened or what will happen in the future...

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