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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
ok, but without more info from the OP, I don't see anything that indicates anything other than expected behavior. I don't see anything that suggests a cache issue or record locking.

all I see is what one should expect if one allows WMP to tamper with their files. winamp is only reflecting the reality of that tampering, nothing more.
True, but hardly helpful ... Smacking someone in the face because, they have used a product available on their computer isn't likely the right way to approach being helpful.

Yes, WMP does weird things...but, so to do many other applications. We have all had the time or two that these other programs have affected our experience in some way. We have learned how to handle them and have appropriately changed our behavior so, that we get what we want.

Great solution all around though; and still WMP does wonky things with media content. |
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