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I am talking about win7.

I think tho you might be conflating things.

win7 will rate certain files using its own proprietary system. not just m4a, but jpegs and some other files like that.

mp3tag, the "gold standard" tagging app, (and winamp) does NOT recognize such ratings, b/c the rating is not in a universal standardized tag.

I can't even tell how win exp is writing the rating, it may be in the file header or something like that. but its not a rating in the traditional sense, meaning in the files tag.

mp3s for instance use id3, specifically the POPM field.
FLAC uses a vorbis field called RATING
and m4a's, outside of iTunes, use a field/atom called %rate% (as stated earlier, iTunes itself stores ratings only in a DB)

win exp isn't even using a tag at all to do the rating, afaict.

I have m4a's that are rated properly using the %rate% atom, and these DO show in winamp, (as well as mp3tag), but do NOT show up in win exp.

my guess is your ratings, done with win exp to m4a, will only show in win exp, and maybe also in WMP, and nothing else, (unless there is something out there that recognizes the win exp way of using file properties to store a rating)

ps. I really like that song btw.

EDIT: also, just to be clear, when win exp writes ratings to mp3, it DOES use the POPM field. but I don't think it writes to FLACs at all and obviously it does something proprietary for m4a, which in reality, is apples fault.

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