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Originally Posted by svnpenn View Post
Okay I found the source of the problem. On both "Bento" and "Big Bento" skin, if
you uncheck "Show Decoder" under "File Info Components", you will lose display
of M4A ratings. Note MP3 files are not affected.

This is strange because the Rating should be able to be seen, without seeing the
that is actually NOT accurate.

did you see this:

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
EDIT: in addition, your file had no tags at all, when I added artist, title info, etc, the rating box/stars became available afterwards (meaning in the file info box to the right of player controls)
that rating is still available to me AFTER unchecking "show decoder" as long as the m4a has any kind of tag.

it is not available to me if there is no tag, regardless of if show decoder is checked or not.

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