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i've made changes for when we get a new client which will do like i proposed above (as it needs a core change in gen_ff and also all applicable plug-ins to be updated outside of skin file changes).

so it make use of the patch (removing the 'n' check) and will then make use of the @HAVE_LIBRARY@ value (as an extra parameter to the fileinfo.maki script i.e. it needs some xml file changes as well to the maki changes) which will make use of that along with a new "rateable" metadata field to determine when to show the rating line or not.

so if the library is present it'll always show. if the library is not present and "rateable" returns 1 (which indicates the format can support native read/write of ratings) then it'll show it, otherwise it'll not show the rating item. that'll do enough to cope with full vs weird non-ml+modern skin setups and "rateable" has potential uses else where the client (so the means to disable rating aspects in other parts of the ui based on the selection at the time, etc).
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