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My Photos of Parks in Berlin 2016

Although it should be possible to upload attachements with maximal 15 MB, I was not able to upload a .zip-folder with 7.2 MB, also the upload of a photo with 3.6 MB has failed. At least I was able to upload a .zip-folder with 1.88 MB in one of my other threads.

I have been asked in the thread about the DE-4 TEE Train for the photos, because I mentioned also the photo, where a hosepipe had crossed the railway for the park train in the Britzer Garten. Making the leightweight versions of my photos was not enough, I also had to half-size them. Hopefully I can get the original versions to deviantART and my short .avi-video with 640x480 pixel to Vimeo, but I will need some more days, because I have to do also other things. These are my profiles:

The sheep and ducks were cooperative, but the swans didn't do what I wanted from them, and they had put their heads into the water, while I tried to make the photo. Then I made the short video, although the small pixel resolution is not very modern anymore.

I have taken care, that there is no „ä“, no „ö“, no „ü“ and no „ß“ in the filenames, also no blank spaces and no extra-signs. For additional random textures, desktop wallpapers and Komodo backgrounds I take care, that there are only the 26 international letters (uppercase and lowercase), the 10 international digits, „_“ and „-“ in the filenames, similar to the video-URLs for YouTube, and JGP has to be used. 4 images can be stretched from 4:3 to 16:9 and 16:10 without problems. Feel free to use them as additional random textures for the Milkdrop Visualizer, as desktop wallpapers and as background images for Komodo X Touchscreen by Victhor. I have tested all 4 images in this skin via DESKTOP, they look fine.

While I was in the hospital at day from 1st September to 21st October, on 3 of the weekly therapeutic tours I made my photos, also in the Britzer Garten in September. But our older Medion Digital Camera with 2272x1704 pixel is much better than my Praktika Digital Camera. I want to test again my Casio Digital Camera, where also the HD Mode is possible.

In the previous September Week I made 10 photos in the Park Am Buschkrug, but I am not satisfied with them. And when I was in the Viktoriapark in October, the weather was very bad. Only 2 photos with the leaves over the wall could be good enough. And the 4 photos with the animals are not for the desktop. But I have choosen the best 4 photos for You, and I had success with the uploads.

I hope, we can see us again more often in the forums, especially in „Skinning and Design“ and in „Milkdrop“...
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