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Thank You, Martin.

You are right, using the zoom is not so good, but otherwise I would have got humans onto my photos, also if they would have been far away. It is better for me to have no humans on my photos, also no disturbing paper baskets and no disturbing trash on the meadows.

Yes, also I myself have noted that with the blur towards the corners, and I like more my older photos, made with Medion. Although I cannot update my .zip-folder on Mediafire yet, because maybe also some more images will come into it than only the most recent 4, I want to give You my download-link also in my thread:
The 288 .jpg-files there have 1920x1080, 1908x980 and 2272x1704 pixel. From the basic photos I have also the resized and edited versions in textures. If I have enough time, I want to check again my photos from 2010 and 2012, made with Casio in 4000x2240 pixel, where I have a half-sized version in my extended versions of textures and wallpapersdesktop. You can see it also in "Frank Klare - Osmania Theme" on YouTube.

I work with IrfanView very much, also I had made my mirrored images with this very good software. About the leaves in the Viktoriapark: Because it had rained, there were also water drops on the leaves. I had checked again my 2 photos, and I should make other photos with leaves and maybe also with little conifers, which could be cut and mirrored much better. Maybe there are some of these plants at the graves of my parents or other good plants, where I can make good photos with leaves from above. But the weather becomes worse and worse, and the trees are losing their leaves now.

Yesterday I took some minutes and made 4 new Winamp-Screenshots, while I played my .wmv-file "KLAL! - Hier Sprechen Die Kuriere". It is also on YouTube and the album artwork is also as "Cover_SynGate_FrankKlarefeatJohnL_KLAL.jpg" in covers and textures.

The water birds in the bottom right are okay also in Komodo X Touchscreen, although the images have been stretched. I have all 4 half-sized photos in textures and wallpapersdesktop. 4356 textures, 650 .jpg-files in wallpaperscprokao and 764 .jpg-files in wallpapersdesktop, and I will continue, with me, the other musicians, netlabels and artists on deviantART. This week some new presets will go into my Winamps on my PC & notebook, and I have downloaded them yesterday...
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