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After the „Belated Midsummer“ in September the „Premature Cold November Weather“ in October followed immediately. Where was the „Golden October“? Only rain and very dark, mostly no sun, these are no good conditions for photo-artists. Last week some other people were again in the Britzer Garten. I know only, it had rained on that day, the weather was very bad. On the weekend it didn't rain, but the positions and the quantity of the clouds at the sky were bad for me. I need it more perfect with not too less and not too much clouds at the sky. I could make also other photos, for example of plants and stones. But the most hedges are cut periodically, and I would see that on a photo. And between the decoration stones there are cigarettes and other trash very often. Soon the most trees are without leaves. In the Winter mostly we have no snow in Berlin. Okay, if I cannot make new photos anymore for this year, maybe I can try again Terragen Classic and also Apophysis and Mandelbulber etc.

I had checked again my video, also in the meeting-point. It is too pixelized. I was not sure, if I would upload it on Vimeo, but I did that now. And I had also some time to check my 16:9-photos. Casio is much better than Praktika, but Medion is still the best, although this older Camera is much heavier, also because it needs the 4 Mignon-Accus yet, incl. replacement-accus, if I don't want to finish a photo-tour too early, suddenly and unexpectedly. Maybe I should use Casio for parks and landscapes and Praktika more for portraits, also portraits of single flowers.

I have preselected 60 Casio-Photos, 20 of them have come into my final selection, also 4 of 20 Praktika-Photos. I have decided to upload also the 4 photos with the animals, the 2 photos with the leaves in the Viktoriapark could follow next time. But don't try to stretch the photos with the animals from 4:3 to 16:9 and 16:10, especially not to 18:9 and 18:6. I had tested it once with a white horse on a green meadow by our Sternenmaschine Band Member Birgit, and the horse didn't look like a horse anymore. Only photos without animals (or humans) can be stretched fine.

Maybe I should rename the basic-photos in 2272x1704 pixel (made with our Medion). I think, it would be better to have „_pixelsize“ at the end and at the beginning „Image_“ instead of „Basis_“. For the minus-values of 1 or 2 of 3 colors I use for example „colorname050“ and „colorname255“. For versions in Black and White I use“BW“. It is useful to try also other saturations, contrasts, the gamma-correction and maybe also the effects. I took some previews, but for the photos in wallpapersdesktop I decided for the original colors, exept of the 10 Tempelhof-Photos with the sunset (I got 67 gnad-bytes while I made the photos). Frank did the color-edits (I think, with more saturation and gamma-correction). The resized versions appear in „Frank Klare - Polar Novation“.

In textures I have different resized versions, in 640x480, 800x600 and 960x720 pixel. Maybe also resized versions in 1280x960 pixel are useful. I don't know, if many old monitors with 1280x960 and also 1024x768 pixel exist yet. But desktop wallpapers should not be much smaller. On my notebook with 1600x900 pixel on the display I tested once also images in 500x500 and 600x398 pixel on the desktop, and in Komodo X Touchscreen they looked too pixelized.

In the extended versions of textures and wallpapersdesktop I have now 4376 and 784 images, my official pack of wallpapersdesktop will contain my 312 own works. Maybe I will add also the 10 photos of the „Park Am Buschkrug“, at least they are not too bad. But also if many other photos didn't come into the preselection, maybe I will find some good leaves, grasses, stones or a good bark of a tree etc, and this could mean new textures...
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