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Maximal 5 attachements per posting are possible, and I had promised also the 2 photos with the leaves in the Viktoriapark. Here they are.

I have compared the 20 photos from 2016 again and again, also with the other older photos from the previous years. The blurs in the photos of the Britzer Garten are acceptable, but in the 10 photos of the Park Am Buschkrug they are more visible, and the leaves of the trees look torned.

Fortunately I have my 10 older photos „Herbsttag“ from 2009, made with Medion. No blurs and also no torned leaves. They are much better for the desktop, and I think, also 312 desktop wallpapers are okay.

On deviantART You can find also the "v0.9 - beta" of "KOMODO X Touchscreen by Victhor", and I don't want to forget the other very good Modern Skin "cPro - KAO by iron2000", where the plugin ClassicPro is required. The download-link for "ClassicPro_2.02_beta2.exe" can be found in my latest Devious Journal "Winamp forever - Music forever!!!". I like the idea, that images can be used in Winamp Skins.

Yesterday I wanted to visit another address first before going to the meeting-point. The bus was too full, I didn't get in. I decided to walk instead. I came also over the Teltowkanal, and I took short views from the bridge. I saw no tree with red leaves, only green, yellow, brown and mostly torned. Also again the sky was very grey and dark, and it had rained in the morning. I continued with the walk. I checked also a square near a school and some other trees before I arrived. But the trees at the streets don't look healthy for me. Their trunks are full with black dust and also with green, white and grey chargings.

At least I have figured out, in the parks I should look especially for the oaks, because usually they have very good trunks. And if I stay on the main ways at day, then also solo-walks are possible. Maybe I myself have to wait now until the spring. At home I could make the next photo-edits or I could try some of the mentioned artist-software in my Devious Journal on deviantART.

But if the other forums members have good snow, then they can go outside with very good digital cameras. In the next days I should return to the thread „The WINAMP FORUM'S CHRISTMAS TREE 2014“ by Widdykats and make my suggestions also there. I want to send also the other artists outside with their digital cameras from time to time.

Next week I have planned to go to the yearly garden celebration although I don't know, if there are chances for some more photos. Otherwise for this year I have finished with the photographies, and at least with my usable photos from 2016 this is a good final...
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