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Hello I have a two personal inquires

Hello my name is Empte! I am a music lover and producer of Glitch Hop Bass Music and IDM, and I was curious if I would be able to use the winamp slogan "it really whips the llamas ass!" In some of my songs, I would gladly represent winamp in any way possible as well because I am a personal huge fan for quite some time, I am also curious (and I know this has already been answered a few different times) if it is alright to use milkdrop visualizations in some of my first YouTube releases, more specifically I am wanting to use a preset done by EoS + Phat, so that is more directed towards them, but I also would love to have permission from others just to make sure I don't offend anyone or disrespect a community I truly hold dear!
Anyways thank you, I am releasing my first three tracks tonight so if anyones curious about my music I can also post some links^^^
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