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Originally Posted by Melkor View Post
I found a couple of bugs. They might not even be your fault. If you make an opus file that is really long, weird things happen.

1) The "File Info" window reports PCM Frames as if it were a 32bit signed integer. The number being fed to it is an unsigned number, so if you have more that 2^31 frames, the number appears negative. Also if you have more than 2^32 frames, it silently overflows, loosing track of the real number of frames (my 34 hour file is reported as being about 9 hours).
2) The Playlist window seems to have the same problem, however if PCM Frames (as reported in the File Info window) are negative, winamp won't show a duration. If the frame count exceeds 2^32 frames and the resulting overflowed value is less than 2^31, it displays a wrong duration. So my 15 hour file shows no duration.

That said, when playing the file, winamp is able to get the correct remaining tracktime and to seek properly.

I'll be splitting the files to avoid the whole 32bit overflow as it seems to bug Rockbox as well (which is what I use for playback).
This is going to be hard for me to duplicate since I don't have anything I can use to spawn 15+ hour opus files from out of thin air to test with. If the file is too large even at smaller bitrates for you to transmit to me somehow, please post a screenshot of the tag editor window (Alt+3) for the file so I can see some of the stats that I can try to work backwards with.

Originally Posted by Opususer View Post
Thanks a lot for the plug-in, it generally works very well.
When I have your plug in installed and update my media library which only consists of opus files winamp crashes. I found out this only is the case if there is an opus file in the libary which has a LOT of text in the meta-field "comment". (At least I hope this is called "comment" in the english version of winamp and I hope you know what I mean with "meta-field") Could this cause some kind of overflow?
Please let me know if I can help any further to find the root cause to this issue.

Winamp 5.666 Build 3516 (x86)
Windows 8.1 x64
Yes, I would like a sample audio file that causes the error I can test against please. I have no measure for determining how much data is "a LOT of text" is to try to re-create locally. It should be able to handle any amount since I'm using a dynamic string handling class that can handle strings of any size, even insane lengths, so I need one of the actual files that causes the error so I can trace it down.

Originally Posted by Omega X View Post
Is it normal that calculating ReplayGain sends the percentage to 200%?
I would think not, however I just tested it out on one of the test vectors I have and it did the same thing you described. However, I've never used the RG features of Winamp before and have no theories why, or even how, it could be happening. This will take time to investigate.
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