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Here you go Widdy.

Cut the plums into quarters and remove the stone.
Put in a non stick saucepan with a couple of table spoons of sugar(soft brown is good). Do not add any water.
Cover and stew over a low heat until you have soft lumps in syrup.
I used the small hardish plums with very dark skins, this produces a beautiful rich dark red colour.
Put in a deep pie dish and allow to cool a little while you make the topping.

Topping is four parts plain flour, three parts sugar(soft brown again) and two parts butter. Rub it all together and you should get something that ends up looking like a pile of rough sawdust. Add a tablespoon of porridge oats and if you've got some crushed nuts you can throw them in as well(don't you dare say anything Chev). If it's got a bit dry at this stage then rub in a little more butter, but don't make it greasy.

Put a bit less than an inch of topping over the plums, sprinkle with sugar and bake in a medium hot oven for half an hour. Don't get it too hot or the syrup will bubble up over the topping and make it soggy.

The custard I always get out of a tin, much better than the home made stuff.

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