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So, I found out what that "abnormal usage" was from the PET scan 6 months ago...

On Wednesday (Aug 7th), I woke up with horrible back pain. Difficult to even stand up. Doc sent me in for X-rays, MRIs, and my usual PET scan (since I was scheduled to have that soon anyway). Found out that I've got a bulging disc in my lower back between lumbar-5 and Sacral-1. Been out of work since then. Burned up all my vacation/sick time. Waiting for short-term disability to kick in. After jumping through a bunch of hoops, I'm finally getting to see a doctor that's going to give me a spinal injection, but it's going to be late next week before I can even get in for the consultation visit. As of now though, the pain has decreased quite a bit, but I'm still sore. I can walk around for short distances without too much issue, but it's a little tough to maintain composure. I can't lift or move anything heavy, and it's a chore to lace up my boots.

Here's an image slice from one of the MRI sets.

The good news is, still no sign of cancer.
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