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Thank you, guys.

My health? Well, I can add another surgery to my list of achievements. Finally had the herniated disc in my back operated on last year. The bulge was getting so bad that it was pressing my spinal cord into my vertebrae and causing so much pain that I couldn't stand up. The doctor did a great job, and I actually walked out of the surgical center on my own two feet later that day.

So far, I haven't had any signs of cancer relapse, which is good. I can't say I'm in great health, though. I've gained more weight than I should have, and I haven't really been able to lose any significant amount of it. Been having some knee pain recently, too. I feel like I'm falling apart some days, and I'm only 35.

My job isn't helping matters, either. I need a new one. Hopefully I can find something better soon.
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