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Sorry, I'm new and I need help!

Ok, here's the deal: I've downloaded shoutcast, installed it, configured the server, everything! But I have a problem: I'm still getting this error: "11/30/03@05:48:40> [yp_add] gave extended error (Cannot see your station/computer (IP: myip:8000) from the Internet, disable Internet Sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache (Connection timed out)". I've read about this error like a thousand times, but stil can't solve it. I have ADSL, my router is a Cisco 677. I only have one computer. Beside asking you to help me with this, I have another question: can my friends connect anyway if I give them the http://myip:8000/listen.pls address? Please help me with this one! And believe me, I have read and tried everything, but still can't make it work! That'd be all! Thanks!
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