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Re: font.cpp error

Originally posted by theh0g
Same as 2 posts above, it also crashes on me every time (including the 666 build):

"Assertion failed"

Expression: f != NULL

File: C:\dev\Studio\Studio\font.cpp
Line: 131

It only works if I don't use any skins, but I have to choose that in installation process, otherwise it won't work. What to do?

My specs:
Windows Server 2003
AthlonXP 1600
512MB Ram
Okay, one last post in this thread for me prior to 5.0 launch

We are aware that this is a problem.
We've asked for additional information, but no-one has supplied it yet.

We need to know the following:

Do you have a non-standard Fonts dir?
eg. where is the Fonts folder located?

Is arial.ttf font on your system?

Winamp -> Prefs -> Modern Skins -> Font Rendering:
Do you have a custom default/fallback font?
Do you have font mapping on?

Can you try a clean install (or was it a clean install already?)
Uninstall -> Reinstall

Additionally, we need to know what your graphics card is
and the driver version #

Plus a list of concurrently running apps
(in particular, anything like Stardock/ThemesXP/nForce/Litestep/etc)
Please download and run startuplist and attach (feature available via "post a reply" button) the log result file to your reply, along with studio.xnf and winamp.ini (both in main Winamp dir) all in one .zip file

We will not be able to determine the cause of this problem without this info.
Though it is beginning to look like a Win2003 Server compatibility issue.

Thank you

@ plazz2000
please start a new thread in the Winamp Tech Support forum.
Include all relevant system specs and details.
Same applies to anyone else who requires tech support.
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