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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
If you change the genre tag with MP3Tag, does WA and MP3Tag then agreed? They do on my system.
i haven't tried yet as i want to keep the examples intact and besides, i was already fairly sure that would work.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
My Shark007 codec pack was overriding WA's decoders. I had m4a files set to open with WMP. I redownloaded the files and changed to have WA open them. Now I get the same results you do with WA and MP3Tag.

So the decoders being used by each app do have something to do with this.
yeah, i figured it was your winamp install b/c mine is fairly default/stock. so now the question is why the discrepancy between mp3tag and winamp?

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Some of your m4a downloads may have been made or tagged with iTunes. Due to the 'tricks' iTunes plays with file headers, trying to re-tag files tagged by iTunes with some other app could cause problems. A quick search turned up some old threads about this, mentioning m4a files in particular. Most of what I saw had to do with DRM protection, but some mentioned issues with non-DRM m4a files too.
yeah, itunes prob made them, you can see that in mp3tag's extended tags.

so, at this point i'm left thinking it must be a multiple frame issue. it would be nice if DJ Egg or DrO would explain the winamp/mp3tag discrepancy, and also why/how your 3rd party decoders would alter results.

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