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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post

I couldn't reproduce the problem.

I don't have mp3tag, but with your sample files, the genre tag was the same (and correct) in all of Winamp, WMP, VLC & MPC.

Maybe there's some bug with mp3tag's reading of mp4 tags?
yeah, i am starting to think the problem is on mp3tag's side. pretty uncommon, as usually it sets the standard for proper tagging.

my theory is there are multiple genre frames in these mp4s of mine, and for whatever reason, mp3tag chooses to display the one frame instead of the other. however, what confuses me is why both frames then don't show up in extended tags. i think i might report this as a bug over in their forums.

DJ Egg, can you please explain why when 3rd party decoders are used it changes what genre is displayed in winamp?

(also, mp3tag is free, i def think you should check it out)


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