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Milkdrop fun with multi images

Hi all, I just throwing these presets I've been messing with in a new thread in case anyone is interested in doing something with these. I kind of hit a stopping point with what I can do with the limited (non-existent) coding knowledge I have.

What is this you ask? When I saw amandio c - muybridge's horse, I thought it would be awesome to be able to swap different pictures into a preset for different effects, kind of like having a template for multiple images for a preset. Well, obviously Milkdrop and other presets doesn't play nice with multiple images and trying to mix shaders into this did not work. When it is coded into gmagabuf, then some shaders would work, but I am clueless on gmagabuf.

Until I stumbled on a preset by none other than, Martin, with his face down ass up preset, and that was a huge help.

In my trying to understand this, amandio c was able to sequence 16 images that ran in order in the per-frame section whereas Martin did it in the warp shader which limited it to 5 images but was able to be forced to play nice with other presets. Amandio c's did their thing no matter what.

So xmuzack + martin + various - stormy midnight drive is 5 pics with effects in a 12345 sequence that reacts to music and

xmuzack + martin + various - EQ Dancer has effects, reacts to music too but the images show up in random order instead of 12345 sequence. I was trying to have the dancer hit a different pose each time a beat hit, but it's not quite there, lol

Anyone is welcome to tinker with these or make it better if so desired, I hit a dead end on what else I can do to make these better.

Apologies in advance to Martin, I butchered your coding.
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