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Smelter, no offence but for starters, everything NSV is Pre-2005 and I also already know C++. The MythIPTV Project is written in C++ but is designed to run as a daemon and does require a little bit of shell knowledge. You really didn't take a gander over to my website and peek did you? I'm cool with being candid so lets do that for a moment... Good way for everyone to know where everybody sits in the world.

I already looked into the NSV C++ Lib on Sourceforge. I looked at that long before I joined the forums. But since I had no idea there was any demand for live streaming, I didn't go that route. I could but I've yet to wrap my head around it. Is everyone going to turn on their web cameras and play a little guitar tune for everyone? Live porn? Broadcast their Cable TV stations using a capture board? Setup a security camera for their house?

You may hate me after reading this (hopefully not) but what can be done using a real piece of hardware for "video in" that I missed? And I'm not really asking that to be sarcastic, at this point I really do want to know cause if its interesting enough I might take on such a project. Although, I'm not sure why exactly it can't already be done. I'm pretty sure I could drum up a Bash Script that could pull it off without ANY C++. IE:

cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 | nsvenc -blar_encode_arguements - | nsvstream - -o

If you want I'll write the nsvstream C++ Program that takes stdin and sends it to the Shoutcast Server. I won't even have to worry about timing code as the Capture board sets the timing. Read PIPE, write to socket, Read PIPE, write to socket. Simple stuff...
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