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Winamp Tray Control Icon Pack v3.5 is now available:

- [Installer] added a complete new detection of multiple running Winamp instances, based on a new NSIS plug-in (big thanks to DrO for making the plug-in)
- [Installer] added a new header image
- [Installer] improved the 'Icon Pack selection and Plug-in configuration' page:
* changed header text to 'Icon Pack selection adn Plug-in configuration'
* made that GroupBox texts are bold
* renamed 'Installation directory and default icon pack' groupbox to 'Choose your Icon Pack'
* renamed 'Icon Packs displayed in the tray' groubox to 'Plug-in configuration'
* vastly improved the descriptions texts to be more clear and more easy to understand
* removed useless 'Icon Pack installation directory' info
* removed useless 'Your default icon pack is:' label (default icon pack is already visible in the dropdown list)
* fixed missing gap between 'Compact Mode' checkbox and 'Compact Mode' icon
- [Installer] Tweaked the output of DetailPrint
- [Installer] vastly reduced file size of installer due to compressor changes
- [Installer] fixed missing Unicode definition in main script
- [Installer] updated English and German language files to v1.2
- [Installer] updated license file
- [Installer] updated to NSIS v3.0RC1
This installer was one of the first big things i worked on, so it is special for me.

I wasn't happen with the design of the 'Default Icon Pack selection' page, the page was bloated and the descriptions text were hard to understand.

It is tricky to change something, which is already translated into several languages if you know that most of them won't be updated.

So at first I tried to improve the design with the existing language strings, at first it work, but the description texts sucked, so I sadly had to update the language file to change 2 strings.

The new 'Icon Pack selection and Plug-in configuration' page looks much better now and is much more easy to understand with a minimum of changed language strings only:

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