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Winamp 5.666 portable steps

I have followed following steps to make Winamp portable. Hope this will help others who still use Winamp. I required portable version to manage my huge collection of musical files. I am using Winamp since version 1 and I like to organize and rate my music in Media Library.

1. To make Winamp 5.666 portable always change your portable disk (either pen drive or HDD) drive letter to 'Z:' (We always need to change the assigned drive letter to Z: on other computers). We need fix drive letter to maintain Media Library in Winamp.

2. Download Winamp 5.666 Setup file

3. Install winamp and copy all files from the installation directory to portable directory z:\Winamp566

4. create batch file Install.cmd and write this line inside Install.cmd "start winamp.exe /inidir=ini". This will install winamp in portable directory.

5. Create a folder and rename this folder "Settings" and copy all files from "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Winamp" to Settings

6. Open paths.ini file in Notepad and change "inidir={26}\Winamp" value with "inidir=z:\winamp566\Settings"

7. add this line "cwd=Z:\music\collection" (your music directory) in \Settings\Winamp.ini

If you want to make a shortcut use {%windir%\explorer.exe "\winamp566\winamp.exe"} this line to create shortcut

This worked for me, hope it will work for you!
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