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ROFLMFAO - This has got to be the most hilarous thread I've read through...

Hanson may have been over rated but no more than the likes of some I've seen mentioned in other threads....

The Cure B sides ...... Picks self back up of the floor - couldn't figure which was worse

The mtv boy band or the Goth boy band - classic

Most 99.9% of it is complete regurgitated rubbish and feck it the next clown who rates hendrix as any thing worth listening to I would quite happily slap very hard upside the head - feck that twat annoys the feck out of me..

Nothing is original - there is only after all 8 notes, any thing else is derived from that.. you can call your half notes, semi whatever, you have good sound, you have bad sound


Space Tribe - Good Sound
Hendrix - Bad Sound (Very fecking Bad)

Oh we don't like pop music we're 'Indie' all the way man!

Falls of Swing Chair in hilarious fits once again.....

Actually saying that - there was a track or two by Boyzone which weren't to bad...

nb: Spice Girls barred from taking part in the upcoming Live8 Concerts - Only REAL rock bands allowed - like em yeah U2 - let's all play derivative D chourds with a shit load of delay, reverb and sustain ... feck I better stop - Me is being teh bads

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