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@ Redi, Nope. Not going to give out the DX9 code.

First off the back end is all different, it just has a lot of similar functions.

Secondly it needs it's own application really. Some thing that is WAYYY more user friendly.

Thirdly, we want to be the soul input, we don't want other people claiming it's there's (or was done for them) when they've done little work.

And lastly most of them use a version of RenderMonkey that is not publicly released.

Sorry if that sounds a little Elitist.

If you'd be into doing application programming for a new application, that'd be great.

Eo.S. Can provide some input into (And possibly code examples) for some new post processing stuff.

Like Bloom in Milkdrop, which could be added even without upgrading to dx9. There's a lot of new post-processing stuff that can be done in dx8.

But Eo.S will have to get back to you on more.

(I really like shifter's idea 'bout programmable post processing functions.)
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