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Are you sure about that?

My research is that PS 1.1 is GeForce4 Ti/Radeon 8500 or above

I think it is worrying at this stage to increase the bottomline spec of MilKDrop to this high spec. Lets not make MD too elitist.
This HIGH of a spec? WTF, you can't be serious. Either one of those cards cost less than $40, and only that much because it's just impossible to build hardware for less, you can buy a radeon 9600 for $50. Pixel Shader 1.1 is 4yrs old or more, even the Xbox is pixel shader 1.3+

If you own a computer and it's video card can't even support PS1.1 then you don't give a flying fuck about gfx, and obviously don't care about milkdrop either. You can't even play video games made in the last 2yrs at all.

We're trying to move forward here, not backward. If granny wants to run milkdrop on her 333MHz she can keep using MD1.4. We're not forcing everyone who's ever downloaded MD to upgrade and delete their old versions.

You might as well say that no one is allowed to post presets with 3d waveforms, cause the preset would run really slow on a few people's ancient computers.

And if you EVER want post-process effects, pixel shaders are an absolute requirement, unless you're fine with 5fps or less.

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