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MilkDrop is a mass downloaded app and bundled with Winamp. I think it is only fair to get a minimum spec that is reasonable.

Are we to upgrade the minimum spec of Winamp too?

After much time and hassle of asking we get MilkDrop bundled with Winamp. I don't want MilkDrop not meeting a realistic spec.

Pixel shaders from what I understand are not as widely supported as you first think.

At work I have Dell Optiplex gx270 with a 2.4Ghz CPU in it. It has a 96MB onboard graphics card an Intel 82865g. Intel as well as in Dell have these onboard graphics cards of HP/Compaq most of the time.

This graphics card does not support pixel shaders.

And from what I understand brand new bog standard Dell or HP desktops still come with this onboard graphics too. A brand new dell 3GHz about 6-9 months ago had this card in it. The card is not bad it can run a fair bit of 3d stuff but not PS stuff it seems.

Not really a 333mhz granny PC is it

And you want wipe out all this userbase? The 2 most popular PC brands out there.

I actually was surprised by this myself that PS support had not been added to this card . I knew on-board card are not brilliant and I know newer ones are getting a lot better and seem to be like a GF4Ti/midrange GF5 card speed from the tests I have done but they don’t it seems have PS support.

We must consider the seriously. We do have a large userbase and I don’t want to alienate big parts of it.

We have to understand what userbase we have and what we are aiming for?

Pixelshaders will be great but maybe for version 2.

I obviously have no objections to option to ‘enable pixel shader 1.1’ support but I do object to this as a mandatory requirement by default. Hopefully you can understand why now.

We are all on the same side you know.

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