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Rova, the computers at your work are specically purchased to have the most barebones gfx support possible. I've said it before and will say it again, if you buy a computer that doesn't even have hardware ps1.1 you just don't care about gfx. But it's hard to do that now
$500 Compaq, found in the "PCs for productivity" section [that's barebones], ATI Xpress 200, even this supports PS2.0
the same goes for cheapest HP computer they have listed
ps1.1 is geforce 3 and radeon 8500+

And if your video card doesn't support it

if (hal_caps.PixelShaderVersion < D3DPS_VERSION(1.1, 0))
//code that prevents you from loading presets that use ps1.1

so we don't even have to put a switch in the config panel.
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