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@ Redi, Insanity Toy 3 runs WAY slower while text is being displayed. In order to get the frame rate all the way up, you have to take away ALL of the text, including the FPS meter.

In order to view the frame rate, pulse the frame rate meter, this gives you the frame rate of this frame, before the meter starts to slow down the preset.

It runs at about 60 fps on the 9700, 80 on our 9800. Both in Milkdrop 1.04 and while the text is hidden in you're new beta 1.04b. Currently it's only running about 20 to 30 with the text.

Btw I think I'm going to make another version of this preset for milkdrop 1.04, it looks hella cool in a different way broken. (Which is often the case with presets, delete the per-pixel or per-frame, and often there is a different cool preset hidden beneath the other code.)

(Yes I do have 'Try to fix slow text (uses more video memory)' selected in the config panel.)
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