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Not actually spam, and if you did bother to look yourself you will see that 100% of the reviews rate it as being a virus. So no again you are wrong! I am not the only one. But a nice opportunity for you to bite someone head off. You show your true colour well enough. Nothing what you said was useful or productive in any way.

Not spam, not a rip but still something to be aware of.

Edit: Just in case you are also a double post hater too. I have edited my post. I am aware of false positives being prevalent in some or all AV software but if it was reported to the developer could they not report it to the AV companies as being a false positive, if indeed it is as it may appear to be. I actually reported it as a false positive so then someone at the AV company will look into it. I am surprised that anything that is flagged as a possible virus is even allowed to be uploaded here. Maybe I shouldn't be though because we know who owns nullsoft and they probably do not care about risking other computers being infected. If you website is listed as being a distributor of malware by Google or a web browser you would want that removed I would have thought so more people still continue to visit your site. The same applies to anything false. Unless of course no one really cares about it other than spam. Enjoy post building buddy, along with your arrogant style. I don't want to be in bad company such as yourself so I won't be coming here again. Enjoy posting spam messages in the real spam threads! Like you do....
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