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Originally Posted by ram130 View Post
If that was true and they cared, the stats page wouldn't look the same it did back when it was launched. There wouldn't be a discrepancy between its LIVE stats and the API aggregator they say you can use to get stats in your radio software. I can tune in to one of my streams and when I look on RMO, I see I'm there, but when I go to the aggregator data I don't. If I stop the stream and hit play again, same thing, if I try once more then it comes up. As I type I see a huge difference in listeners in RMO vs aggregator. Funny thing it worked fine and was the same as RMO just last week, all week. It was reliable.

If they cared, I'd see impressions for my 128K MP3 stream, ads are playing since Friday, I hear them, and listeners too, but nothing is reported in RMO for it. Yet, for my AAC stream I see it just fine. Mind you, no issues other than now playing info when I was using DNAS.

If they cared, now playing info wouldn't be so inconsistent, like, it works once a year, maybe twice. Mind you, it's been like that since 2015.

If they cared, live stats would be more detailed, what happened to seeing user agents, listening time? Oh right, got to use the aggregator api just to see that, but you know, it's unreliable now. Let's not talk about kicking/blocking functions.

If they cared, the RMO site would support proper responsive design and work perfect on mobile. It's only simple adjustments to CSS.

If they cared, they would have told us any streams over 128K MP3 will not have ads working and will suffer random buffering issues. Like I've mentioned in my previous post here, the issue with buffering was the 192K bit rate, their servers can't adapt to it. As a result ads don't work, stream becomes unreliable. There was a user who reported the buffering issues on page two of this sub forum, they said they fixed it but guess not. No amount of reboots/restarting/changing encoders worked. Either way I just decided to step back down to 128K, no more issues other than impressions not showing up for it.

If they.....well you know, cared. The directory listing issues would be fixed. I've checked my radio listings each day, it seems to rotate between different genres now. It's also reporting all my streams as 128K. This they say is a known issue long ago. I see other radio stations being hosted having the same issue. I get it, the streaming service is based on icecast and they don't know how to translate it. I get it, it's not like the aggregator API isn't straight forward in it's xml output (it is). Yet icecast got it right in it's directory.

Maybe I'm bashing, maybe not. I just wish they'd fix these minor issues or be more clear. Like not supporting 192K MP3 if they know the system got issues. But the lack of real communication and focus is concerning. I wouldn't mind investing but that is a risk as you say. It's one that is shown in their interaction with us already. I don't want them to fail. Far from it.
I don't think they're holding a gun to your head.. move on and switch if it's that bad... not sure most of the issues you mentioned are valid.. most of what you mentioned we haven't had an issue..

as far as data.. you actually get more from them than anyone else.. good luck with Tunein getting data.. stream over 128K works fine with us and ads play without issues.. actually 256K works fine for us.

again.. they focus their resources on the bigger picture.. actually I'm waiting for ad stitching to be rolled out.. that is a big issue and would solve a lot of problems for everyone
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