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Just encountered the Connecting Error.

The album I was trying to sync was a number for the the album title, changed the tags from the number to the word (i.e. 10 changed to ten) now syncing fine. Perhaps it's stumbling on album name vs. the track number in the renaming process. Not sure why though.

Update: To test I reset the tags on the album to 10, deleted it of my phone, killed winamp on my mobile. Then I created the Artist/10 folder in the default sync location, (on the phone). Then re-synced the album and it worked fine. It appears in this case, winamp can not create folder names that are just digits, but if it exists then winamp operates normally.

BTW, when I sync to my phone it goes to my device and not my sd card, does any anyone know how to change this? Was it a setting that I overlooked? thanks in advance.

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