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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
there are no plans currently to provide ml_org like functionality (especially not within the current timescale for a non-AOL release)
Yeah, I am aware y'all have a lot on your hands with wanting to get a non-AOL version out this year. Especially considering that people were probably gearing up for Winamp's swan song.

...depending on what the code is like and the license, it might be viable at a latter time to update it to work with the newer Winamp along with the Unicode and artwork aspects I'm seeing requested for it after the last release was made. or it might just be easier to start over with a new design.

so I'll make a note of this but it does not guarantee that I'll get around to doing anything about it or that such functionality will ever make it into Winamp natively.
Yeah, I'd think a newly coded native aspect would probably be better, in the long run, than adapting an abandoned plug in that, apparently, never truly left beta. It would give you two things, code that y'all own or have properly licensed fully, as well as a way to ensure future compatibility issues won't creep up. This isn't that big of a deal (If I ever get to using the Winamp library, I doubt I'd be doing much in terms of file directory browsing. Right now Winamp is my go to for stuff I don't want in iTunes).

Perhaps if the file management isn't automatically done, there could be a option to update file names/directories using rip file name/directory settings (y'all have the ability to create filenames and directories using the CD information, it seems like a batch file management option a la foobar2000 might work better).
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