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Yes Musicbrainz does work on a review system.
There are also (fairly detailed) style guidelines, etc so things DON'T ENTERED IN FULL CAPS, etc (like I see so often on freedb)
So in general if it is in Musicbrainz it is more accurate than most.

For the tags. Well there are (AFAIK) very few (if any) "official" tags for MP3 ID tags, Flac, ogg, etc

Often these are open to add whatever you see fit. You can make your own tags up.

Obviously there are useful ones that media players like Winamp use.

Title, Artist, Album Artist, Year, Track, Disc, etc.

Picard considers others to be useful for tagging your music collection just like any tagging program. Other taggers might tag things like BPM, etc that is not stored in the Musicbrainz DB.

The Musicbrainz_* tags I stated before are for linking back to the Musicbrainz database. As DrO already knows these are linked to many things and are used on lots of music sites already to get a consistent accurate links to albums, artists, recordings, etc. So when I am referring to Musicbrainz tag I am talking about those.

Now Winamp will never be (forgive my presumptions DrO) a full on complete tagging solution with every tag under the sun. I imagine we will try and have the similar ones to what we had in the previous Autotag feature in Winamp. I do not know what extra potential tagging information commercial providers like Gracenote, etc could provide. Maybe Winamp previously took everything, maybe they only offer limited amount, maybe Winamp chose to only use selected tags to populate the auto-tagging.

Now there is an option to review different ones if needed (there is no BPM, and genre is folksonomy based in Picard, Musicbrainz doesn't have a dedicated genre (too subjective) and uses "tags" but not used that much) but I imagine we would want many of the more dedicated MusicBrainz* tags so we can link back easily to the database and expand on what is on offer.

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