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my main issue[s] with MB tags is the following:

1. I want to control what tags an app writes to my files, esp if they are non-standard tags / outside of spec, or not specifically called for by the spec. afaiac, this would include TXXX tags or similar.
2. I want to know the purpose & effect of any tag written to my files.
3. I want to be sure tags that might be benign to winamp's usage, are also benign to other apps usage.

that third one is pretty tricky, b/c in some other apps, like for example Squeeze Server, MB tags will over-ride other "normal" tags, and you can't "get out of it."

I don't think its invalid for a user to expect the above. if given that kind of control, I am actually fairly excited about being able to tap into MB. but by the same token, I don't want it to be a simple "on / off" switch for MB specific tags. I can envision scenario's where some MB tags are useful to me, while others are not.

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