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Originally Posted by Rovastar View Post

Well if another app doesn't intend to use the TXXX tags then it would never reference them. Therefore the app you mention must actually *want* to use them if you to had them. It is a concious decision. Maybe the implementation isn't (or wasn't) the greatest and you had problems. Often this is lack of understanding of these tags and their meaning rather than issues that they exist or not.
u misunderstand me. yes, obviously the other app wants to use them, that does not mean necessarily that I want them used by the other app, or in the tags to begin with. why? b/c the mere presence of MB tags can impact an apps performance in ways you can not change or desire.

in other words, I am a winamp user, and I have, many times in the past, used gracenote to auto-tag files. the new reality is that MB will now be used. so b/c that is true, I may have to decide to either A. not use winamps autotagging or B. live with potentially undesired behavior in an app that isn't [or maybe even possibly is] winamp.

I am speculating, but its informed speculation based on what I have read on other apps forums. I am still excited to see how MB tags can be exploited, esp via acoustic fingerprinting, dupe matching, etc. ...but otoh I don't want to create problems for myself either.

Originally Posted by Rovastar View Post
I imagine (but no inside knowledge so obviously not sure) that DrO usage of these tags is not a benign one. I envisage them being used in Winamp. e.g. Grouping different artists with the same name, etc, potentially linking to artists pages information (wikipedia, etc), obtaining release art, etc
I'm all for that. by benign I merely meant all behaviors were expected/intended.

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