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Here's another fix...

I, too, just had the problem of not being able to find the Winamp main player window on my screen -- but discovered a completely different fix than those described above.

How it went was this (in case others had the same problem): I switched from a high quality monitor (capacitors went bad) to an older one I have until I get a new one. In doing so, I had to change my screen resolution -- but the screen resolutions that the old monitor allows are much different than the other one I had been using, and I'm not able to reach the very high resolution I had been using.

Because of all this, for whatever reason, the Winamp player got temporarily "corrupted" and would not appear on the screen. Mind you, I was using the Bento skin.

I started to look through this thread and try some of the ideas, but nothing was working. Then a thought occurred:

How about going into the "Skins" option and changing from Bento to Winamp Classic? Well -- it worked! The player popped back on. Then, I wondered, with this resolution, if I'd ever get Bento again. Well, I chose it -- and it worked!

So, if anyone has this problem -- try this very simple solution first before doing anything else.

Good luck!
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