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Originally Posted by tbrown View Post
I downloaded Winamp 5.3 yesterday and added all of my media to the library. Everything was working fine when I closed Winamp. When I went to reopen Winamp, the Media Library didn't open with it. I clicked on the "ML" button several times and nothing happened. I looked at the menus and at times the Media Library was either checked or unchecked (depending on when the number of times I had clicked the button) but it did not appear either way. I also read this forum and deleated the studio.xnf file hoping that if the media library was off the screen and I didn't know it, that this would fix the problem. It did not.

My computer runs on Windows XP Professional,..
Hi, I have the same problem - I have winamp for a long time, all my musis running through the Media Library but since yesterday it is gone. I downloaded newest version and tried to manually add media but error showed up and i had to close the winamp. Tried to delete the file you typed but it did not help.
Here is a screenshot
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