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Hi damenace,

I suggest you increase your RAM to at least 4GB. I think this is more Windows' fault
than Winamp's, unless it's a memory leak. Windows memory management (real and
virtual) is supposed to handle an app's demand for memory. The worst that is supposed
to happen is a slow down of performance as data in RAM is swapped to and from the
hard drive. In any event, more real RAM is better than virtual.

I have not experienced excessive RAM use when doing a simple scan of watch folders
with this version of Winamp. I have seen dramatic RAM use increases, to the level you
stated and more, when doing certain scans involving Gracenote. However, I have 4GB
of RAM installed with Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit and have not had a crash. The high
memory levels slowly drop after these scans complete.

I close other foreground apps when doing something with Winamp that I know (from
past experience) will reguire a lot of memory. I also have my system set to give priority
to background tasks (have not noticed a drop in performance of foreground tasks). I've
shut down a lot of not needed things (services and tasks), but Win 7 still has a lot of
random stuff going on in the background. I want to be sure these things can execute
and get out of the way as soon as possible.

These work-arounds should not be needed on a fast system and may not help in your

Hi MrSinatra,

on July 29, 2011 you stated,

"i have 50k+ and NEVER had it crash scanning my files. not saying it doesn't happen,
but it def doesn't happen to me."

In that post you went on to state a crash may be related to something in the files. Has
something changed or were you referring to a different Winamp version?
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