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it's winamp for sure. not windows. and increasing ram would not help anything.

winamp just keeps using more and more ram and just does not stop. at some point it will crash. in my case it's usually around 1.5gb of ram. i reckon the system then prevents winamp from using any more and winamp crashes.

if winamp worked properly it would occasionally empty the ram used. it would not flood ram.

this is definetly a bug. i use other database programs and they use up maybe 200mb of ram doing the same operation.
but winamp just keeps filling ram until it crashes.

of course if your database is small enough, it won't happen. or if your database is already built and it only needs to refresh.

but if you, like me, have a 2000 album library with hundreds of artists and you build it from scratch, then it will crash everytime.
only way to prevent it is stop the scan before winamp crashes and then shutdown winamp. the ram will be emptied and i can reopen winamp and it will start at 100mb or so again. then scan until it reaches critical ram and stop the scan again....and so on and so on...

i'm sorry, but that's not normal behaviour
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