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@damenance: I agree, adding RAM would not be needed to "complete a scan". It sounds to me more like you have a few corrupted files in there. I have a 65,000+ track collection which gets scanned without problems - and this is on a 64bit system. (There are many people with much bigger collections than me)

I have also had a scan of that same huge collection crash because of a corrupted M4A file. I have also had it crash in the past when the wrong file extension was in use on a file - in both cases these bugs were reported and fixed.

RAM gets allocated when a program needs it, and then releases it again when it has finished. It is not something you should worry about. If it is a worry to you, then just buy more RAM. Especially as you are making comments about a tiny 100MB of RAM usage which is nothing in a modern 3GB system.

Start a fresh thread, and we can try and trace through your problem. But first just try scanning chunks of your collection and watch where your crash occurs, I expect it is related to a file location more than an amount of memory.
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