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I did not say adding memory would fix the problem. I said it is an undesirable
way to work-around the problem when scanning in stages (less stages).

And in addition to high memory use when scanning, I recalled reading a post
recently that reported having the library panel open with hi-res album cover
art will consume a lot of memory.

I use art, it's not hi-res, but I decided to check what happens on my system.

I use 9 or 10 non-standard plugins and only play MP3s with Winamp. I don't
install the video playback stuff and only the basic plugin for support of mobile
devices. The skin (+ plugin) I prefer only displays the art for the track that is
playing and keeps the library panel closed unless I open it. This configuration
initially uses less than 38,000 KB on my system and climbs to about 70,000 KB
when I open the library panel. My panel is set up to display 10 covers at a time.

Almost double memory use just sitting there looking pretty. Memory use climbs
to over 102,000 KB when I start playing a track. It pretty much stays within a
1,000 KB of that just playing the playlist, even if I toggle the library panel with
the initial 10 covers. However if I scroll more covers into view memory use climbs
and it takes a long time to drop. If I had hi-res art and scrolled through a good
portion of my covers, I have no doubt memory use would exceed 1 GB.

If I never open the library panel and just play the playlist, avg memory is around
77,000 KB.

Some of this may be Win 7 keeping stuff in memory in case of short term reuse.
But, the devs definitely need to look into this non-release of not needed memory,
memory leak, or whatever. Especially with the 'push' to use the Big Bento skin.
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